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“Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the quantity and quality of targeted traffic to your website from Search Engines via ‘organic’ or ‘natural’ results.”

Organic Search Results vs. Paid Results – What’s the difference?

Organic ResultsPaid and Organic search results - SEO Adelaide

These results are reliant on the ability of search engines like Google to correctly analyze your content, pick out key words and list your website in the “organic” results when people search for them.

Paid Results

Consists of a small ad; usually a heading, short description and a link, which appears in the sponsored section of the Search results for strategically chosen, specific keywords or phrases. Each time the link is clicked, the advertisers pay an amount they have agreed on with the pay per click services provider.

SEO Adelaide provider, Get Seen Online, can successfully manage either of these projects for you.

Why do I need Expert SEO?

In 2008, search engines became the number 1 search tool for buyers looking to procure a product or service.

Yellow Pages vs Search Engines graph

Source: WebProNews (Australia)

The trend continues and prominence in the search engines is given to those who successfully optimize their website and accurately reflect the nature of their business online.

Why do people use the internet?

“Traditional” methods of promoting a product or service are limited to:

  • Specific Dimensions (Print Media)compare newspaper to expert seo
  • Window of Time (TV & Radio)compare television to expert seo

…thus the quantity of information that can be given to the buyer is severely limited.

The internet is a medium where there are no limits to the quantity of information that can be provided about your product or service.

When a buyer uses the internet to find a product or service, they can:

  • Research companies
  • Look at images of the product
  • Get detailed descriptions and information
  • Compare prices
  • Check warranty details
  • Read reviews by others purchasers
  • View Map locations where the product is available

So, how do you distinguish your website from others?

Most expert SEO services follow similar patterns of using a combination of keyword optimization, web directories, link exchanging and social marketing to drive traffic to a website.

The one thing that Adelaide SEO provider, Get Seen Online has found that will truly set your website apart from competitors is to express your company’s:

~ unique selling proposition ~


~ why people choose to do business with you ~

Websites that don’t make these points clear usually have no special appeal for buyers. People need a reason to buy, and that reason is most often related to the thing that sets your business apart from your competitors. Get Seen Online works with you and helps you to discover these essential points. We then take these ideas into consideration throughout the entire Search Engine Optimization process.

Which SEO elements does your website need?

There are 3 key areas to address when optimizing your website…

Most websites that have not been optimized previously, need to start at the beginning to ensure that the foundation is strong. Once the structure and keyword optimization has been addressed, then it is time to start driving the traffic to your site.

A complete expert SEO analysis is the best way to determine and prioritize what is needed for your website and will also help to lay out a clear plan for your SEO campaign.


~ Having a website is not enough ~

~ Ranking number 1 is not enough ~

A good SEO campaign ensures you have an informative website that ranks well and gives users a positive experience that results in them buying from you.

How much does SEO cost in Adelaide?

Before we can answer this, we need to ask you a few questions about your industry, your website, what it is that you want to achieve and how quickly you would like to achieve it. But here is an SEO cost guide to give you a rough idea.

Please give us a call on 08 8463 1112 so that we can talk with you about your Search Engine Optimization needs. We don’t employ gimmicky sales people and we don’t try to lock you in to an expensive plan. You’ll be speaking with an expert SEO Adelaide consultant and you can expect honesty, good value and measurable results from our expert SEO services.