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About Get Seen Online

Adelaide SEO Experts

Get Seen Online is an Adelaide based company providing Search Engine Optimisation, website design and construction, online marketing and other related services predominantly to Adelaide based businesses.

Operating in its current form since 2007, we are a leader in successfully optimising websites to achieve top rankings for their primary keywords and designing content to achieve excellent conversion rates.

Directed by James Whitrow, the team at Get Seen Online all live and work in Adelaide. We don’t believe in farming out design, build, writing and especially not optimisation work to overseas contractors. Our belief is that you will get the best results from a team that lives in and knows what’s going on in Adelaide.

james whitrow - adelaide seo export

James Whitrow

Having spent 16 years in the IT and Web industry, James has a wealth of knowledge and experience in analysing needs and implementing projects that deliver results.

With involvement in every project the Company takes on, his attention to detail and skills in analysing data prove invaluable to the many clients he has helped to achieve and hold a number one ranking on Google for their prime keywords.

Behind the scenes, James has a strong involvement in Adelaide’s theatre and film industry.

How Get Seen Online is different from other SEO companies

1. Our SEO focus

At Get Seen Online, our primary focus is on Search Engine Optimisation. This is so we can concentrate on making SEO in Adelaide an available resource to everyone on every budget and you can rest assured that you will receive the personal, tailored service that you deserve. We are not trying to cover all web related services. Just the ones that will help you achieve better search engine rankings and higher sales.

2. Our goal

Our goal is to make the SEO process as simple and straightforward as possible for our clients. We use language that anyone can understand and involve our clients in the Search Engine Optimisation process as much or as little as each one desires. We make sure that you are kept up to date with all work and progress and encourage questions about the SEO of your website.

3. Accommodating for your needs

Get Seen Online can accommodate for every client, no matter what level of Search Engine Optimisation they’re at and what level of SEO service they need, but every client receives the same quality of personalised service every time.

All of the SEO work we do is specifically catered to your business and your goals. We only ever take on projects that we know, with our help, will deliver positive Search Engine Optimisation results.

Where our Expert SEO came from

In 2004, the director James Whitrow launched an all encompassing, information technology company to fill a need in the I.T. market. The focus of this Company (Insure Information Technology Pty Ltd) was to provide a personal I.T. service to the Adelaide business market where the I.T. Company and technicians are held responsible for the work that they do. In other words, clients paid for a guaranteed result, rather than by the hour for work done.

The success of this focus was confirmed by the steady growth of a happy and dedicated client base.

In 2006, due to client demand, Insure Information Technology included Search Engine Optimisation in their range of services offered. Due to a lack of available in-house resources, the SEO work was outsourced to major Australian Search Engine Optimisation providers.

However, the methods used and the results achieved by the outsourced SEO providers were far less than satisfactory and did not match the level of client satisfaction provided by the other areas of the business. The main issues were:

  • Severe lack of personal service, thus they did not have a true understanding of our Adelaide client’s needs and goals
  • Unreliable follow up and reporting of any Search Engine Optimisation results achieved
  • Very poor ranking results from the SEO work

So, in 2007, research began on providing an in-house, personal, tailored expert SEO service that would achieve results for clients. One of the key factors that came out of our research was that the more a business expresses their uniqueness throughout their website, the better search engines will correctly identify what the business is about and where they belong in the web market. Therefore, search engines will correctly rank them in the top for their specifically targeted keywords.

Research on best practice methods and training continued throughout 2008.

In 2009, Search Engine Optimisation was offered as an in-house service and had immediate increased results, not only with the search engine rankings and visitors numbers, but also with the quality of visitors and enquiries received.

Due to the success of the in-house SEO services, a decision was made later in 2009 to focus all resources of the company on Search Engine Optimisation. Arrangements were made, a date was set, and from 1st January, 2010 SEO became the sole service provided by the Adelaide company under the new name of