Part of any good online marketing strategy is to have high quality videos that either entertain or inform.

Website visitors are much more likely to click the play button on a video rather than reading text. Text is still extremely important for search engines and those who do want to read, but lets face it… these days people want an entertaining visual experience.

Videos are also a great way to drive traffic to your site from video hosting sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

But that’s enough text for now, here’s some samples of our video production work.

Herbert Wilkes

To produce a predominately creative story that presents the extreme consequences of whether or not a business has a good online marketing strategy.
Our part: Creating, writing, production, editing.

SA Gold Traders – A Gold Experience

To show website visitors how easy and pleasant it is to deal with SA Gold Traders.
Our job: Creating, Writing, Production, editing.

Silver Fleece Virtual Tour

To give website visitors an inside look at what goes on inside a modern knitting mill.
Our job: Production, editing.

Wine Tours Down Under Promo

To give an explanation of how the website works and what users can expect from their experience on it.
Our job: Produce website demonstration video, final editing, color correction.


We can help you with your project at any level. Whether you need us to do everything from creation and writing right through to the final edit, or you’ve already got some footage and need someone to cut it together with a professional edge, we can work with you to make sure you get what you want.

From industry How To’s to pure creative entertainment, whatever you’re looking for our team is committed to producing videos that are of high quality, compel the viewer and ensure the correct message gets across.

For more information and pricing, please give us a call.

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