Traditionally, SEO has been primarily about the keyword optimisation of content, and it still remains a key element in an overall SEO strategy

Keyword optimisation is the art of placing the ideal amount of strategically chosen keywords within the structure and content of a website

When a Search Engine is crawling your website, it picks up on keywords and ranks you against other websites with the same keywords. So, to get them to rank your website high up in the search results, the structure and content must be written in a way that accurately reflects what you want to communicate with each web page.

This area of SEO is all about identifying your company’s strengths and assets and putting them into the spotlight. We work closely with you during all aspects of the keyword research services and keyword optimisation as we want everything we do to positively and accurately reflect the unique aspects of your business. This page outlines important elements we focus on during our process of keyword optimisation of a website.

Keyword Optimisation Implementation

When optimising content for keywords, the biggest challenge is to do it in a way that is unnoticeable to the website visitor. It’s important to use natural language and to efficiently communicate the purpose of the page.

Keeping in mind that google favours sites that are interesting and informative, a subtle usage of keywords is important, and honestly, should actually be included in the content without trying too hard. If it’s proving difficult to include keywords, maybe the purpose of the page and it’s content should be reconsidered.

Keyword Optimisation of Internal Structure

It is very important from a Search Engine’s point of view, that you include all your keywords in the appropriate areas within the structure of your website. This shows the Search Engines what your site is all about and what it is targeting before it even crawls the visible parts of the page.

However… too much, too little, incorrect placement… all of these can be damaging to your search engine rankings. So, we write specific structural data focusing on optimal placement and frequency of your targeted keyword phrases.

Keyword Optimisation of Home Page Content

This is one of the most vital elements of the SEO process and one which you want to be certain to get absolutely right. Generally the home page is the most visited page on your site and needs to give quick but accurate picture of what visitors can expect as they browse through the rest of the site.

Your primary keywords are generally the focus here however it’s obvious that the content should be keyword optimised without the visitor noticing that it is.

We know how to optimise keywords to make the most impact, in what style and in which order. We make sure that your text is keyword rich with the ideal frequency, density and prominence to make your site really stand out.

Keyword Optimisation of further Page Content

As each different page of your site should ideally be targeting a different set of keywords, we can utilise the keyword research report and apply the best keyword optimisation techniques to all of your web pages, providing a diverse resource of information to your website visitors.

While we achieve this, we maintain focus on ensuring that each web page accurately reflects what you want to communicate, is easy to read and is informative to your potential clients.

Optimising images and links

It’s not just the words that need to be optimised, it’s also images and links.

Images require optimisation of both the size (physical file size) and it’s meta data. If your images aren’t optimised for speed (without losing visual quality) then your pages will take a long time to load annoying the visitor and Google as well.

Creating links within your text that lead the visitor to other pages shows Google that the content is relevant and interlinking to other pages on your site. These links must be placed carefully and have the correct meta data which is relevant to the keyword optimisation choice of the page as well as making sense (and being useful) to the visitor.

What does keyword optimisation influence?

Keyword research services and keyword optimisation directly affects:

  • how relevant Search Engines think your site is in relation to your competitors
  • the type of customers you are targeting
  • how potential customers can find your site

Keyword Optimisation is available for any web page as a once off service, or combine it into a complete tailored SEO Adelaide package.

To find out how many monthly visitors each page of your website should be attracting, contact us on 08 8463 1112.

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