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Getting your site on the first page of the Search Engine Results is based on a complex SEO formula. The formula can be broken down into four separate, manageable SEO products. The SEO products are categorized like this…

To figure out exactly what SEO products are needed in each area, a complete website analysis from Adelaide SEO company – Get Seen Online, will show the strengths, weaknesses and individuality of your website and will provide a personalised checklist with the order in which individual elements need to be addressed.

Here is an overview of each of the SEO products.

Website Structure Optimization

Get Seen Online makes sure that your website structure is clear and easy for search engines to navigate. This is essential if you want the search engines to find, correctly index and rank your website. We look at elements such as coding, robots files, sitemap and navigation. Having all these elements optimized and functioning correctly provides a stable foundation on which to further build your Adelaide SEO campaign.

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Keyword Optimization / Keyword Research

Keyword research is the art of finding the most effective keywords for your business and Adelaide SEO campaign, to maximize the visitors to your website. Once we have discovered these terms, we then keyword optimize your website’s internal structure and content with the ideal frequency, density and prominence to attract attention from search engines and human visitors alike.

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Search Engine Submission Service

This SEO product involves submitting your website and its pages manually to all major search engines and web directories. This can improve your visibility, ranking and page rank.

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Adelaide SEO Link Building Services

Adelaide SEO company, Get Seen Online, researches and acquires top quality links for your website. This can involve approaching complimentary sites, commenting in forums, suggesting additional content that sparks reader’s interest, requesting product or website reviews and posting articles containing advice for your industry. Having a good amount of high quality links to your website has an amazing effect on your search results ranking and page rank.

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Once all four of these SEO products are applied correctly, your website will move up the ranks for your targeted keywords. As far as reaching page 1, well, so far we have a 100% success rate for clients that have implemented at least three out of these four SEO Products.

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