Get Seen SEO Plans

We are called Get Seen Online because that is exactly what we do for your business. Our SEO plans are flexible so that no matter what size your business or site is, or what stage of optimisation your at, there is an optimisation package that will get you seen online.

All of our SEO packages combine a search engine optimisation strategy as well as a user experience improvement strategy. Google loves websites that are informative and useful to its visitors, so that is what we focus on doing. The keyword optimisation is subtle and natural so that your site maintains integrity while attracting the targeted traffic you want to reach.

Website SEO Maintenance Plan

Website and SEO Maintenance

Maintain your existing Google ranking and keep your website up to date and secure. This basic maintenance plan includes everything that is required to ensure the ongoing integrity, base level optimisation and search engine visibility of your website. It also includes speed optimisation and monitoring as well as basic content updates as required.

$154 per month

Website SEO Maintenance plus Reporting Plan

Website and SEO Maintenance + Reporting

Includes everything in the Website and SEO Maintenance Plan as well as full analytical and conversion reporting. KPI parameters will be set and tracked to give you a clear view on how well your website is performing in the search engines and in converting visitors into leads. In addition, we’ll identify opportunities to improve your position, visibility and conversion rates.

$220 per month

Emerge SEO Plan

Emerge SEO Plan

Providing a solid optimisation foundation, the Emerge SEO Plan is designed for small scale websites working within a light to medium competition industry. You can expect your site to move steadily up the rankings, no matter where you are starting from, and for your sites user experience and conversion rates to steadily increase.

$440 per month

Distinct SEO Plan

Distinct SEO Plan

For small scale websites wanting to move up the ranks quickly or medium sized sites needing to maintain and steadily increase their position. The Distinct SEO Plan combines a search engine optimisation strategy to drive targeted traffic while giving your visitors an ever-improving experience to convert them into leads and sales.

$770 per month

Striking SEO Plan

Striking SEO Plan

Geared for medium scale websites competing within a moderate competition industry, the Striking SEO Plan gives your site a strong and positive reputation with the search engines as it is optimised for a broad range of keywords within it’s industry meanwhile monitoring and improving the user experience and conversion.

$1320 per month

Unmissable SEO Plan

Unmissable SEO Plan

We pull out all stops and get to work implementing our tried and tested strategies to move your website quickly up the search engine rankings. You’ll reach the top positions for all the relevant keywords that apply to your business. The user experience is a major focus to ensure it attracts targeted traffic and leads them to conversion.

$1980 per month

Explanation of SEO Terms

Scale of Website


Comprising up to 15-20 primary pages


Comprising from 15-20 up to 40-50 primary pages


Comprising from 40-50 primary pages upwards

Note: this does not take into consideration a sites blog. Each case is analysed individually to determine the scale category.

Scale of Competition

Each industry is assessed with the target website in mind to determine the quantity of competitors and the strength of their online presence.

SEO Plan inclusions

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