Pricing Model

You are charged a rate between $15 – $45 per quality enquiry that we generate for you. The rate is determined by a tiered structure with these three considerations:

Average Value Of Product/Service

Your Capacity For Enquiries

Our aim is to generate as many enquiries as we can for you. If you have limited capacity, then this limits the amount of enquiries we can generate for you.

Amount Of Competition

We’ll assess the level of competition that your business has online in your target area. It will be determined to be either standard or high.

Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

Some industries are heavily saturated on the search engines with pay per click advertising. This limits the amount of enquiries that can be generated through organic search results. If the amount of enquiries that we generate for you through organic search results isn’t enough, and using PPC is required, an additional fee of $10 per enquiry generated through PPC will be added. This allows us to cover a portion of the additional cost while still maintaining our committment to keep our services at zero risk to you.

Your Average
Sale Value
Rate Per
Your Monthly
Enquiry Capacity
$300 – $500 $15 If less than 100, add $5/enquiry If high, add $5/enquiry + $10/enquiry
$501 – $1000 $20 If less than 80, add $5/enquiry If high, add $5/enquiry + $10/enquiry
$1001 – $2000 $25 If less than 60, add $5/enquiry If high, add $5/enquiry + $10/enquiry
$2001 – $5000 $30 If less than 50, add $5/enquiry If high, add $5/enquiry + $10/enquiry
$5001 – $10000 $35 If less than 45, add $5/enquiry If high, add $5/enquiry + $10/enquiry
$10000 + $40 If less than 40, add $5/enquiry If high, add $5/enquiry + $10/enquiry

Quality Enquiries

Our definition of a quality enquiry is someone who fits within your scope of a valid potential customer, that has visited your website and filled out an enquiry form.

Any additional enquiries that you receive through your website via phone or email are not included in the count of enquiries that are charged. These are bonus to you.

Conversion Of Enquiries To Sales

Whilst every industry and every business is different, we work on the asumption that you will be able to convert 30-40% of the enquiries you receive into sales. If you’re able to achieve higher conversion rates than this, that’s fantastic! If however, your conversion rates are lower than 30%, then either we need to improve the quality of the enquiries we are generating for you, or you need to improve your sales conversion model. Either way, we’ll work with you to determine the likely cause and do whatever is necessary our end to ensure you have quality enquiries.

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