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Get Seen Online utilises several systems that work together to ensure that jobs get completed, recorded and updated in the system correctly. This procedure ensures that all the systems get updated correctly when a task is performed.

Applies to

  • All tasks performed for a client


1. Calendar

The first step when performing client work is to record your start time in your Google Calendar (the company one, not a personal one)

  1. Go to
  2. Click the “Sign In” button (top right of screen)
  3. Enter your work email address
  4. Click “Next”
  5. Enter your password
  6. Click “Sign In”
  7. Now that you’re logged in, click on the 9 dots (top right of screen) then click on “Calendar”
  8. Once your calendar loads, make an entry for the current time
    • Round to the nearest 15 minutes. e.g. if current time is 9:43, start the calendar appointment at 9:45 – if the time is 2:07, start the calendar appointment at 2:00
    • If your actual start time is a few minutes before or after the calendar entry time, aim to make your actual finish time a few minutes before or after (respectively) the calendar entry finish time. e.g. if you started at 2:07 and worked for 1.5 hours, make the calendar start time 2:00 and the finish time 3:30
  9. For the name of the appointment, use the name of the client you are working on

2. Client Database

This is where you make a record of the work you do as well as making any notes or listing additional tasks that need to be done as a result of the work you are about to do.

  1. Open the Database
  2. Assuming the task has been delegated correctly, click on the “Jobs – By Staff” button
  3. Select your name from the drop down list and click the “Show Jobs” button
    • If the job you need to work on isn’t there, click the “Exit” button (next to the “Create New Job” button), then click the “Exit” button again, then click on the “Jobs – Open” button and find the job in the list.
  4. Once you’ve found the job, click the “Detail” button to open it

Once the job is open, in the box labelled “Detail” is a list of all the tasks that need to be performed. Next to each task, in brackets, is the persons name who is responsible for completing that task.

Below the “Detail” box is the “Work Performed on Job” section with an entry for each time that someone has done work on that job, including the details of what they have done.

  1. Scroll down until you get to a empty entry in the “Work Performed on Job” section (if there are no entries yet, it will be at the top).
  2. Select your name from the drop down list
  3. Click in the “Date” field and use the calendar pop-up to enter today’s date
  4. Click in the “Detail” box to the right of your name so that you are ready to make notes on your work as you go.
  5. As you work, record tasks you have performed.
  6. For each entry, precede it with a dash and a space, like this “- ” (without the quotes)

NOTE: There is no save button. To save your entry, simply click out of the entry box you are in.

Examples of things that may get recorded are:

  • – Care services page – reduce size and modify content to cater for aged care and well as disability care
  • – reviewed Info for Families and approved, sent final copy to client for approval
  • – Produced monthly report
  • – Performed keyword research
  • – Created Keyword allocation document
  • – Uploaded blog post “Top five tips for moving day” to site
  • – Optimised About Us page

Finishing Off

When you have completed the tasks and made your entries into the database, perform these steps to complete the process.

1. Client Database

  1. In the main “Detail” box for the job, update the task list info to reflect what you have done. If there was a task listed that you have completed but now needs to be checked by someone else, or the client, change the name listed in the brackets to the person who needs to check the work
  2. If any additional tasks arose as a result of the work you did, add them to the list and put the name of the person responsible in brackets at the end
  3. If necessary, re-assign the job in the “Allocated To:” drop down box to whoever needs to work on it next.
    • If yourself, ensure that your name is listed
    • If another staff member, change it to their name
    • If you have sent someone to the client and are waiting on their response or feedback, change the drop-down it to “Waiting on Client”
  4. Note the time and update the “Hours” field in your entry in the “Work Performed on Job” section with the amount of time you spent on the job.
    • Use 15 minute time brackets and enter it as a decimal. e.g. 1 and a half hours is entered as 1.5, forty five minutes is entered as 0.75
  5. Click the “Exit” button to get out of the job.

2. Calendar

  1. Open your Google calendar and adjust the finish time of the entry and ensure the duration matches that which you put into the Job database.

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