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Procedure for checking and closing jobs in the Jobs Database after they have been completed.

When performed

  • As part of end of month process
  • As needed on an individual job basis so that it can be billed


  1. Open the Jobs Database
  2. Click on “Jobs – Approval”
  3. Click the “Detail” button on the first job to open it
  4. Check the following parameters depending on what type of job it is

Monthly Package Jobs

  1. Check the “Hours Estimate:” field to see the number of hours allocated for the job
  2. Click the “Work Report” button
  3. When he report loads, look for the “Total Hours:” field to confirm the total of actual hours spent on the job
    • You may need to click the right-arrow down in the bottom left of the window to scroll to the last page of the report
  4. The total in the Work Report should be the same as the Hours Estimate.
    • If it is less…
      Check to see if there are any notes, in either the Jobs main “Detail” field or in the last few Work Performed entries, as to why the job was closed reaching the Hours Estimate.
  • If so, confirm the reason is valid and proceed
  • If not, check with other team members for any reasons why. If no reason is found, open the job again by unticking the “Completed” box and removed the date entered into the “Date Completed” box and proceed to step 8
  • If it is more…
    Some jobs go over by a small percentage, say half an hour or so, which is normal.

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