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1. Generate Initial List

Generate initial list of keywords. Potential sources for this list are:

  • Keyword list from sales proposal
  • Discussions with client (normally done during sales process)
  • Content from their website
  • Research previously done for company in same industry
  • Product/service names
  • Common sense
  • What would you Google if you were going to find a company who offer their product/service?
  • If you have access to Google Search Analytics data (in Google Search Console), look at how the site is already appearing in the rankings

Come up with 10 – 30 possible keywords.

If you have have access to Google Search Analytics data, come up with 30 – 80. Yes this is a big range, it depends on how will the site already sits in the rankings. If overall position is good, you should get closer to 80. If the site doesn’t rank well, Search Analytics data may not provide many logically applicable keywords.

Record the data using this template…

Dropbox\getseenonline\Templates\SEO & Technical\Keyword Research – Initial List…

2. AdWords Keyword Research Tool

Log in to an AdWords account (see James for which one to use) and access the Keyword Research tool


When considering ANY keyword phrase as a legitimate one to include in the keyword research, or more importantly to allocate to a page on the website, use common sense and ask yourself “Does this search term logically lead to the service that the client is offering?”

If you have any doubts at all, open up a fresh browser window and type in the search term. If it leads to what you expect, then the keyword phrase can be considered. If it doesn’t, consider what it does lead to and determine whether or not it has anything to do with what the client is offering on their website.

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