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What Makes For Successful Keyword Research – Part 3 of 3

In Parts 1 and 2 we have discovered the best ways to prepare and carry out keyword research, check competitors for ideas and select the most beneficial keywords for our business. This part contains a list of things to avoid when finding keywords.

Common Mistakes and Problems When Keyword Researching

  • Making keyword choices that are too broad – If you hire out karaoke equipment and you optimise your website for ‘Party Hire’, not only will the competition be fierce, but only a small percentage of people typing in ‘Party Hire’ are looking for karaoke hire.
  • Including search terms that are too technical – Let’s say you have a Laser Skin Care Clinic. Optimising your site for ng:yag laser is probably too specific, and would only be known by industry professionals.
  • Being too close to the business – Often business owners see their business very differently than an outsider does. The general public and the company director can have fairly different opinions on the company’s strengths and unique assets.
  • Using an SEO company that recommends keywords that have incredibly low competition, but also very low search volumes. You will get onto page one in the search engine results, but with no real increase in traffic or sales.

Hopefully, we have answered some questions and given you a better understanding of keyword research, finding keywords for your website and choosing the best ones for you business. Please contact us with any questions or comments.