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Expert SEO tips – 7 pitfalls to avoid

Anyone can learn to do Search Engine Optimization. The web is full of vast amounts of information on SEO, even sometimes explaining tactics in precise detail, for free! We source all of our knowledge, expertise and tactics from the web. Sometimes we glean it for free, sometimes we pay for it, and sometimes we attend training sessions for specialty areas.

If you like, you can do this too, without paying an SEO expert. It will most likely take a few hours every week to research, implement and test the tactics you find. Depending on how well you pick it up and how easy it is for you to understand, you can achieve amazing results within days.

If you choose to do this, here are some pitfalls to avoid…

  1. Never try to “trick” the search engines. They are a lot smarter than you think.
  2. Don’t submit your site to too many directories at the same time.
  3. Don’t waste too much time trying to optimize a site that doesn’t properly support SEO best practices. Get the site re-coded to fully utilize css and to be w3c compliant.
  4. Get links to your site from ones that already rank well with the search engines, be careful with websites that have a links page and lots of other links to other websites.
  5. Choose your keywords very carefully. Don’t always go for the big ticket words – they often have an enormous amount of competition. Look for niche markets.
  6. People often try to sell you products to make SEO “easier” or “quicker” for you, but in actual fact they may actually work against your search engine rankings. Research each one of them carefully, never make a decision based on their seemingly impressive results and clever marketing tactics.
  7. Also look out for Companies that sell Pay Per Click management – choose one VERY carefully and read ALL the fine print in the contract. Understand it fully.

Make sure you plan the rest of your business to handle the increase when you do get to the point of having a content rich and informative website, being number 1 in the rankings and a massive influx of new enquiries.

Remember to be consistently updating your content

Yes, this is time consuming. If you’re the type of person who would rather focus on what YOU do best, then contact us and we’ll make sure that your business rides the wave of this massive beast called the internet, rather than getting sucked under the whitewash.

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